VAT Validation Tool

Check VAT numbers of all your EU customers. If you sell products or services with zero rated VAT to organisations in other EU member states you are obliged to check the validity on a regular basis.

Save time and resources
Comply with EU legislation

Provide documentation to the tax authorities


Avoid fraudulent customers

VAT Validation Tool
Be compliant in no time

Failure to check the validity of your customers VAT numbers could result in fines and the obligation
to pay the VAT in accordance to the relevant jurisdiction(s).

VAT Validation Tool
Microsoft Excel Tool

Sanocast VAT Validation lets you check multiple VAT registration numbers directly in Excel. Quickly check all the numbers in your spreadsheet by simply clicking a single button. A free version is available in the Microsoft Office Store.

The tool is compatible with Excel for Windows, Excel for Mac and Excel Online (Office 365). The free plan has a limit on how many numbers you can check in one go and it is also limited in speed. It is however possible to upgrade to a paid plan for just 5€/mth to remove this limit.

VAT Validation by Sanocast is available on Microsoft AppSource - Easy vat number check in Excel

Using the VAT Validation Excel Add-In is very easy. Here is the process:

VAT Check step 1

Put your customers VAT numbers in column A

VAT Check step 2
Click the Check button
VAT Check step 3

The system now consults the VIES system and the results are shown in column B to F

VIES or VAT Information Exchange System is run by EU
VAT Validation Tool
What is VIES?

VIES is short for VAT Information Exchange System. The VIES system was set up to allow for the flow of the VAT data held across the internal frontiers in EU which enables companies to obtain confirmation of the VAT identification numbers of their customers. 

The unit responsible for the control of intra-Community trade in each Member State , the Central Liaison Office (CLO), has a direct access through VIES to the VAT registration database of the other Member States.

Our service queries the EU system directly. VIES however is not a standalone database but rather a proxy that relays information from national systems in EU member countries.

For further information about the VIES system have a look here. Still voting on whichs system to use? If so then you might want to read this article that sums up some of the solutions for validating EU VAT Identification numbers: Is this EU VAT number valid?